Amsterdance:  Made in the Netherlands

Amsterdance represents the positive and well-known international feel and appeal of the city of Amsterdam and The Netherlands as a whole.

Part of the mission of Amsterdance is to give a platform to talented Dutch DJ’s and help bring those talents and their sounds across the Dutch borders.

Amsterdance offers to any talented Dutch Artist the possibility to have their music broadcasted through Amsterdance Radio and in some cases also offer international performances via the  Amsterdance Events.


Iamsterdam is the official city marketing body of the city of Amsterdam with global recognition. Amsterdance is one of the few official partners of IAmsterdam in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Industry.


Due to the strong connection with The Netheralands creative industry, Amsterdance is endorsed by The Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Amsterdance has support from the Ministries of Economic affiars and Innovation (Economische zaken). Via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amsterdance is connected and supported by Dutch Consulates and Business Support Offices around the globe and especially in the US.




Amsterdance was chosen by the Dutch Ministries of Economic affiars and Innovation, to feature in a national campaign (major newspapers and leading business magazines) about International Business in relation to the international mission of Amsterdance.